Here are some honest comments from some of our current families

based on their first hand experiences with us.

  When I returned to work back in 2013, I had been home with my kids for just about 2 1/2 years. My daughter wasn’t quite 2 and my son was 4. Neither had ever spent time in a daycare center and I was so thankful when KidTowne opened it’s doors. There was no difficult transition time or tears for my kids at drop off .  I was also put at peace that all the teachers are Christian, loving, professional, and great communicators! If there is ever a problem, I know they will come to me or I can do the same with them. My kids adore the school, staff and other kids and am so glad I can leave them there without a worry during the day.                                                                       Payne Family   We LOVE having our girls at KidTowne!  It is such a blessing knowing that if they can’t be with us during the day, they are in a Godly environment where their teachers and the staff really care about them, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  There is such a peace that comes with knowing that they are getting a well rounded experience, which includes a partnership between the teachers and us as parents, to ensure that our children are learning and growing appropriately.                                                                                                                                                        Roberts Family   KidTowne is amazing – Our daughter started at KidTowne in May of 2013 in the 18 month class and has since moved up to the 2’s and about to go to the 3’s class. Our son started in October of 2014 in the 18 month class and will move up to the 2’s in April. We cannot say enough about KidTowne as a whole! As a parent – you want to know your child is well taken care of, in a loving, structured, learning and fun environment. This is exactly what KidTowne is for us – we honestly could not ask for a better place to send our children while we are at work. Our kids come home talking about what they did each day and truly learn something new every day! The staff goes above and beyond to make sure all needs are met and each and every child feels important. Questions are always answered in a timely manner, the cleanliness and sanitation is spectacular. Our family could not be happier. We know we made the best decision by sending our children to KidTowne Thank you KidTowne!!!!                                                                                                Riggs Family   The thing I love the most about KidTowne is that it feels like a family.  From the moment we walk in the door, we feel welcomed and cared for.  Everyone acknowledges my child, knows her name, asks how she’s doing, and truly makes an effort to interact with her.  We’ve been through all of the teachers in the nursery having been there since my daughter was 11 weeks old, and we have loved them all.  We have truly felt as though all of the teachers have treated our daughter as though she was their own, and we are incredibly grateful.  Every child is so different, and all of the teachers have been more than accommodating with our individual requests and way of doing things, which has been a big weight off of our shoulders.  We are so thankful to have KidTowne in our lives and we are grateful for every single teacher and support staff who surround our daughter almost every single day.  It’s a wonderful community to be a part of.                                                                                               Goodman Family   The love, affection, and attention each child receives at KidTowne is unsurpassed. I never think twice about leaving for work each day as I know my child will be receiving the best care possible. The teachers and administrators go out of their way to make you and your child feel valued and loved. The Godly influence and positive atmosphere radiates when you walk in the door and it is such a blessing to be able to know that our child is surrounded by God’s love each and every day even when we are not around.                                                                                                Catlett Family   Kidtowne is a fun and loving environment for both of our children. They enjoy the activities, nutritious food, and caring staff. We love that they are also getting daily Biblical teaching as well. Great place to send your children.                                                                                                White Family   We started both of our kids at KidTowne, part time, when Olivia was 4 and Owen was just 3 months old. Olivia really excelled and was able to prepare for kindergarten in a loving, christian environment. She amazed me with the verses she would memorize. And loved the hands on, arts and crafts type activities. Every teacher each kid has had is awesome and Olivia still talks about her teacher and visits her often. Owen, now 20 months, has grown up in KidTowne. They have seen him learn to walk and talk and coming into his own personality. They helped him through dairy intolerance when he was a newborn and were very attentive to his diet and needs. He is now there full time and enjoys his friends and teachers. I am excited to see how well he takes to the curriculum and all he is able to learn in the next few years leading to kindergarten. KidTowne will always have a special place in our hearts because they have taken care of our little ones and loved them the way our family would.                                                                                                  Guess Family

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