Quality preschool education for children ages 6 wks to 5 yrs

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KidTowne is a ministry of Hope Community Church. Our mission is to provide a high quality, faith based, early childhood education where individual children are nurtured physically, spiritually, emotionally, creatively, and socially. KidTowne offers an environment where Christian values are demonstrated and where young children’s faith can grow.

Collaborative Learning. Learning opportunities are available throughout the day in both free choice and teacher directed formats. All activities are designed to encourage collaborative interactions between teacher and child which is critical for social and emotional development. Our teachers are passionate about fostering positive relationships with each child to ensure their specific needs are met.

Free Choice

An important part of learning is exploration and self discovery.  Free choice activities allow each child to choose activities that spark their creativity, challenge their critical thinking skills or develop their blossoming social skills.  During Free Choice time children may select one or more activities in any learning center. The learning centers available in the classrooms are block  building, dramatic play, arts, music, books, ‘manipulatives,’ science and nature study, and so much more. They may choose to work independently, with a friend or in a small group.  During this time teachers become a resource for children if needed.  After Free Choice time is over children learn classification and matching skills through clean-up time

Small Groups

Small Group instruction gives the teacher the ability to instruct children based on their development and academic level with less distraction from peers.  It allows the teacher to spend individualized time with each child to create an environment that is supportive and encouraging.  The teacher directed activities are related to curriculum topics and encompass Bible:  songs, stories and praise; Language Arts:  letter recognition and sounds; Mathematics: counting and sorting objects; Science:  measuring liquids, sensory exploration and nature, art, music and so much more.

Outdoor Learning

An essential part of our day is going outside.  During playground time children get exercise. gain physical strength, and develop large gross motor skills through running, climbing, ball play and cooperative games. For younger children outdoor learning includes walks, exploring the environment, and taking activities outside. We monitor weather throughout the day to ensure the safety of the children.  If weather permits,  children spend an hour a day outside.

Self-Care Skills

Our Daily Schedule offers a wealth of opportunities for building self-care skills, good health habits and independence. These include such things as meals, rest time, toileting, dressing and hand washing. Children are encouraged to make good choices and think independently.