Infants grow and learn every day as they experiencing new things.  Our teachers provide a warm and welcoming environment where all children are encouraged to grow at their own pace.  Our teachers understand that babies thrive when they feel secure which makes it important to provide consistency between home and school.  Prior to the first day our families fill out an extensive “infant care sheet” and update it as their infant’s needs change.  Infants develop  trust and security when they know their teachers will respond with  sensitivity and attention if they are hungry, wet or uncomfortable. Learning experiences and opportunities encouraging exploration are offered throughout the ever-changing first year of development.  Daily teachers incorporate warm smiles, sign language, conversation,  telling stories and singing while ensuring there are plenty of cuddles and love. image041Our infant rooms are designed to foster changing growth and development.  Our young infant room is set up to encourage bonding with others and the start of large gross motor skills. Tummy time daily is essential for young infants to start mastering head movement, rolling over and the beginning stages of socialization with other infants. Our crawlers room is structured to allow for large gross motor movement, crawling and walking.  A simple game of roll the ball or playing musical instruments is always a favorite for infants.  Our teachers enjoy playing with a group of infants, encouraging them to reach for toys, reading a book or simply playing a game of peak-a-boo. image013 We thank you for allowing us to partner with you and your family in your child’s  early development.